Completion Requirements

The Texas State dietetic internship is combined with our MS in Human Nutrition program. In order to fully complete the Texas State dietetic internship and be eligible to take the RD exam, students must fulfill all requirements for the MS in Human Nutrition at Texas State as well as the requirements outlined below. The MS in Human Nutrition can be completed on the thesis or non-thesis track. The Dietetic Internship includes over 1,000 hours of supervised practice rotations and specific elective courses that support attainment of entry-level competency as a dietitian. To qualify for program completion, interns must:

  • Complete all requirements and standards for the MS in Human Nutrition at Texas State University;
  • Complete and receive a passing grade for the following elective courses: NUTR 5360, NUTR 5362, NUTR 5363, and NUTR 5306;
  • Complete and receive a passing grade for the Spanish for Nutrition Professionals course (or receive credit for the course through the Assessment of Prior Learning process);
  • Complete and meet the standards established for all internship assignments;
  • Adhere to all policies, procedures, and codes of conduct outlined in the current Policy & Procedures manual for the Dietetic Internship; and
  • Document satisfactory completion of all required practicum hours. Completed hours must be listed on the competency sheets provided by the DI Director and must be verified with a preceptor’s signature. “Satisfactory completion” is defined by:  
    • Receipt of an overall score of two or higher as indicated on the signed preceptor evaluation form, and
    • Receipt of a score of two or higher for each individual competency listed on the signed competency sheet.

Completion of the MS/DI program will take approximately 22 months for the non-thesis track and approximately 36 months for the thesis track. But all requirements must be completed within 150% of the program length (33 months for non-thesis and 54 months for thesis track).

Verification Statements

Upon successful completion of the MS/DI, the DI Director will verify the intern's eligibility to sit for the Registration Examination administered by the CDR and provide the intern with five Verification Statements bearing the original signature of the DI Director. Exam eligibility and verification statements will be processed as soon as possible, but at least within two weeks of completion of the MS/DI program. Program graduates must pass the Registration Examination in order to become a Registered Dietitian.

interns gathered at a table together with laptops